Crystallization Products

Servesto proudly provides you our crystallization products for analysis of protein structures and functions, including various aspects of structural bioinformatics and biophysics. Our high-quality reagent kits are designed for highly effective and rapid screening of the crystallization properties of your samples.

Sparse-matrix sampling using commercially available crystallization screening kits has become the most popular way in determining preliminary crystallization conditions for macromolecules.

We can provide crystallization products including but not limited to:

Protein Crystallization Kits

Crystal reagent kits are designed to provide highly effective and rapid screening tools for crystallization of macromolecules.

Protein Crystallization Tools

For crystal seeding, handling and manipulation.

Optimization Screening

Solubility and Stability Screening such as additive screening and conditions optimization in the presence of a crystallization reagent.

Protein Crystallization Plates

For protein crystals growing: Screening and Optimization

Protein crystallization is an outstanding model system for crystallization from solution, uncovering the high-resolution structures and functions of macromolecules by X-ray diffraction. Servesto's technical and engineering group can offer comprehensive high-quality products to meet your requirements.