Drug Development

Servesto works with reputed teams to provide excellent services to our clients to meet their needs for drug development.

The area of our services includes:

  1. Scale-up process development for Non-GMP and GMP manufacturing of API:

    Our process chemistry team provides services of manufacturing advanced intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients from gram scale up to kilograms. We design and optimize synthetic routes, improve purification and isolation of pure products, and provide full technical transfer documentation to our clients.

  2. Formulation development of drug product and its manufacturing:

    Our formulation experts design, develop and produce optimal formulation as per the clients’ needs. We can develop early-stage and late-stage formulations as well as market formulations.

  3. Safety assessment:

    We coordinate safety evaluation of new drug candidates for general toxicology, safety pharmacology, genetic toxicology, immunotoxicity and immunogenicity in support of our partner’s IND and NDA submissions.

  4. Radiolabel design and radiosynthesis of test compounds:

    We have experienced teams of synthetic chemists, analytical chemists and drug metabolism scientists synthesize and use 14C and 3H radiolabeled compounds to perform ADME studies of test compounds in pre-clinical and clinical investigations.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project!